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We are a family business that takes care of all the details and communication with our clients to provide them with the best customer service as we use high quality materials only and approved by the Miami Dade County.

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About Our Company

We provide the best pergolas
design in South Florida.

Our team of engineers and designers work to produce luxurious structures that are rich in detail.

At Patio Aluminum Design, Our purpose is to provide our clients with the best service, installation, quality, satisfaction, and reasonable pricing we design to suit our clients and work with the space of their patio and city requirements. We offer a variety of aluminum pergolas, we are a licensed and insured company.

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Reasons to choose Patio Aluminum Design

Our powerful capacity for growth has made several customers happy throughout South Florida, and we are proud.

Our purpose is to provide unique service, installation, quality, satisfaction, and reasonable pricing as well to build in accordance to latest codes to make sure your structure is safe. Look no further and work with us. You will have lasting beauty and security.

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Our years of experience and our attention to detail in design these custom pergolas are second to none in the industry, we work with the best team to turn your patio into your favorite place.


We only use the highest quality standards that allow us to offer you the best in the market with a fair and reasonable pricing for any type of backyard construction.

Licensed And Insured

We are licensed and insured, another reason not to worry. Our team of engineers and designers work to produce luxurious structures that are rich in detail.

What Our Customers Say

Reviews & Testimonials

We strive to exceed our clients' expectations and be considered one of the best pergola building companies in South Florida. Our clients support our work, at Patio Aluminum Design we have a trained and experienced team to take your project to another level.

How We Work

Discover the process of building your patio dreamed

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Allow us to help make your patio the best place in your home. We are specialists in the development and installation of structures tailored to your patio, making it the place of your dreams.

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